Resetting the Default Format for Spreadsheet Export

You would expect that SAP simply stores this as a Parameter ID and that you could therefore simply update or delete this Parameter using the standard System – User Profile – Own Data menu path or by using transaction SU3, after all, this is where SAP stores all of your default details right? Wrong.

In this case, the default is actually stored in a table SALV_CSQ_PARAMS.

So, if this is held in a table rahter than against my User ID how do I delete this entry?  There is a “trick” that you can use.

Run a Line Item Display and display the details in ALV format as shown below…

Now, simply “right click” anywhere on the ALV Window (the darker grey section); this gives you a pop-up as shown below…

Selecting the Spreadsheet option diaplays the “Select Spreadsheet” pop-up again from where you can then change the format or uncheck to Tick box.