Our culture

PASàPAS is built on a foundation of expertise, experience, and passion for SAP.

We help businesses evolve, transform, and innovate. ​We also encourage our team to evolve and develop their own expertise with us. This creates a culture of trust where we share effort, knowledge, risks, and rewards. ​

Through this shared passion and proactive approach, we help companies achieve success with SAP.

Our team

Every team member PASàPAS is also encouraged to share in the company’s success.

We empower people to develop with us, learn new skills, and own company capital. We pride ourselves on our expertise and experience, but also our abillity to approach challenges with a ‘Human-first’ approach. ​

By sharing our knowledge, resources, and support our team have the confidence and means to act quickly, go the extra step, and take the calculated risks required for unexpected success. ​

Life at Pasàpas

Learning and development

We encourage every team member to learn and grow throughout their career. We invest in training, certifications, and programs to help everyone advance.


We treat everyone with respect and honesty and approach every challenge from a human-first perspective.

Partner in success

Every team member gets the option to own company capital and be a partner in our success.

Strike a balance

A healthy work/life balance is a crucial part of success at PASàPAS so we provide a flexible working environment.

Careers at PASàPAS