PASaPAS is on the move

With all that’s happened in the past two years, our Farnborough office like so many others, was vacant more often than not as our team embraced working from home full-time.  

PASàPAS has a unique business model – we deliver SAP expertise On-Demand, in 15-minute increments

Logistically, this is a service which can only be delivered remotely. Our consultants work on client site when needed, but this must be planned to ensure that when a consultant is on-site, working for one customer, the rest of the team can still deliver our On-Demand SAP service to all other customers.

From the start, this model allowed us to offer consultants the option to work from home, yet we still made the decision to have an office, where the teams could congregate two or three days per week, collaborate, share information and knowledge, socialize…

When Covid became a real concern, we asked everyone to work from home and we closed our office thinking it would be for a few weeks, or a couple of months at worst. We adjusted our ways of working, and over the following two years, everyone got used to working exclusively from home. Those who used to travel to the office regularly enjoyed the added free time that working from home gave them, and the office remained empty, except for our monthly team meetings, in-between new Covid variants.  As our team evolved, our Farnborough office stopped being a convenient place to commute to for most of our team, so we finally decided to move on.

Our new business address is the London office of our parent group Talan, at 28 Lime Street.

For the foreseeable future our team will continue to deliver our On-Demand SAP service from home most of the time, but we do have a new office in a lovely part of the City just outside Leadenhall Market.