Navigation from S/4HANA Finance Report to its HANA Table

We are running S/4HANA Finance (aka Simple Finance) and are using the reports in the Fiori Launchpad.  We want to understand from which HANA table(s) the data comes from.  This blog shows how to navigate from the report through to the raw data in HANA.  This process will work for reports that are based on SAP’s Floorplan Manager and call BW BEx queries.

Fiori Reports based on SAP’s Floorplan Manager (FPM)

The first step is to run the report we are interested in.

In this example, the report is the P&L Actuals reports.  Executing the report shows the data grid.

We can then select the Query Information tab and then scroll down until we see the query and infoprovider names.

So, in this example, the BEx Query is /ERP/SFIN_V01_Q2901 which uses the BW InfoProvider /ERP/SFIN_V01.


We can now go to transaction RSA1 in the BW backend and find that InfoProvider.

Using the menu:  Extras > Information (logs/status)

We select the Type/Attributes option

Here we can see that this is a VirtualProvider based on an SAP HANA Model, as we would expect in an S/4HANA system.

Pressing the Details button will let us see the HANA Information Model that this VirtualProvider is using.

HANA using SAP HANA Studio

We can now launch SAP HANA Studio, in this case based on Eclipse Luna.

In the left-hand pane of SAP HANA Studio we navigate as per the package:

Once there we open the Calculation Views folder.

In the folder we can find the view used in the VirtualProvider’s HANA Information Model and double-click it to see its properties.

We can see that this view is sourcing its data from FAC_GLACT_LINE_ITEM_COM.  We can again open this to see its properties.

This view in turn uses FAC_ACDOCA_COM.

This view has the Universal Journal table ACDOCA as its source.  If we wish we can then use SAP HANA Studio to view the raw data.


We can go from the report’s Information tab, through to BW’s Virtual Provider, and from there down through HANA’s views using SAP HANA Studio to find the underlying raw data source.

This process relies on the report providing its source.  These reports use SAP’s Floorplan Manager (FPM).  FPM’s UIBB (User Interface Building Block) for the data grid provides this functionality by default.  I will write more on developing reports for S/4HANA using FPM in upcoming blogs.