How to make a recording of an IT problem you have for your Helpdesk

Firstly, you must be using Windows 7 or later.  If your PC is using two screens e.g. an external monitor connected to a laptop, switch off the unused screen to make a cleaner recording.  Here only the computer screen is enabled.

Now from the Windows start menu, type “psr” and select the Problem Steps Recorder (psr.exe).  You will get this small pop-up.

Click on the “Start Record” button to make a recording.

Now run your transaction or procedure up to the point where you hit your problem.  During the process, click on the “Add Comment” button at any time and as often as you like.

This generates a cross hair where you can highlight a section of the screen and type in a comment.

When done, click on the “Stop Record” button

This will prompt you to save your recording as a zip file which can be attached to any email or hepdesk ticket.  Inside the zip file is a slide show of your process/transaction complete with screen shots and your comments in an MHT file which helpdesk can see as a slide show