A simple solution to add a Search Help to a standard transaction field

For example, to add the standard search help ‘USER_COMP’ to the field ‘Requisitioner’ in transaction ME21N ‘Create Purchase Order’.

  1. Determine the structure for the field.

Go to the field ‘Requisitioner’, and press F1. Click ‘Technical Information’ to determine the structure and the field.

  1. Go to the Data dictionary transaction SE11 to view the structure ‘MEPO1211’.

Since the field ‘Requisitioner’ (AFNAM) is contained in the Include structure ‘MEPO1211_DATA’, double-click on this Include structure to add the Search Help ‘USER_COMP’.

  1. Create a Z* append structure for the structure MEPO1211_DATA
  1. Add the Search Help ‘USER_COMP’.

Click ‘Show Appending Obj’ then go the tab ‘Entry help/check’.

Place the cursor on the field AFNAM then click ‘Search Help’.

Input ‘USER_COMP’.

  1. Link the fields in the structure to the Search Help parameters
  1. Save and Activate append structure ZMEPO1211_DATA.
  1. View the Search Help in transaction ME21N